It is our purpose to bring life to the families of Central Montana.  We are an evangelical church affiliated with the Assemblies of God.  We are making that happen through the following core values…


We value living authentically in all that we do…The truth of biblical principles, not our personal preferences or church traditions, is the final authority.


It is our desire to equip people to be ministers of the gospel. We believe that involvement in the kingdom of God is not optional for the Christian. Because God has given everyone talents and abilities, we desire to continually develop people in the areas of those spiritual gifts and abilities.


We believe that Christ is ultimately the only Head of the Church…Our leaders must meet the qualifications of Scripture for leadership and exemplify Godly character…
Jesus is our supreme example of leadership, and our leaders must exemplify the balance of His strong leadership and His servant leadership.


The family is a God-ordained institution, and we believe healthy families living by the principles of God’s Word are essential to a healthy church…We believe that every family who comes throught the doors of our church should find the grace of God when hurting, the compassion of God when grieving, the love of God when hated, and the direction of God when searching.


We value Lewistown and believe that we have a divine obligation to reach out to this city with the love, grace, and the life-changing gospel of Christ in relevant ways. We will never deliberately compromise the message of the gospel, but we desire to employ any means necessary to win people in our community to Christ.


Our goal as a church is to extend the unmerited favor of God to anyone with whom we have contact in any given day. Though we all fail at times, we intend to actively seek the gentle restoration of those who experience failure in their life.


It is our goal to be a people who help others encounter Jesus on a regular basis…


We value prayer because without it we are powerless to impact Lewistown for Christ…Prayer is the key that keeps us on God’s agenda in serving this city. We will always seek the face of the Lord, lean on His wisdom, and follow His direction.